Visiting the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on the Disney Wonder

Once upon a time, a very happy Godmother took a Disney Cruise Line vacation with her adorable Goddaughter on the newly reimagined Disney Wonder. The ship now includes the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which grants Fairy Godmother makeovers to children ages 3-12. It was such a joy to share this exciting experience with my 5-year old niece!

IMG_4535We made a reservation for the Crown Package through the online planning center 75 days before our cruise began. Our princess was a first time cruiser, but members of the Castaway Club are able to book reservations sooner depending on your status. At 75 days out, we had plenty of appointment times to choose from. Knowing that we did not plan any port excursions in Nassau and wished to stay aboard the Wonder most of that day, we booked a 3:00 pm appointment for the Crown Package.


“The Before Picture”

The Crown Package includes hairstyling, a face gem, shimmering makeup, nail polish, a princess sash and cinch sack. My niece was able to choose from two different hairstyles upon arrival, and I am so excited she picked the classic bun. It is so timeless and regal!


The price of the Crown Package is $64.95. This package does not include a princess dress, but you are welcome to wear one from home. An unexpected bonus, she was able to keep the remaining make up, sparkly nail polish and extra face gems from her makeover!   

Here is a tip for any adult who books the Crown Package: As soon as you enter the boutique, you will see that the walls are covered with glorious princess dresses from almost every Disney leading lady you can think of. If you would like to stick with the Crown Package, be sure to prepare your little one and make sure she loves the dress she wears! The temptation to pick out a new dress is almost irresistible. You can avoid magical meltdowns or paying to upgrade your package by being aware.

…Which I completely failed at! As soon as my Goddaughter spotted the brand-new, red and gold Elena of Avalor gown, she had to have it. She had been talking about Disney Jr.’s newest princess all morning! Once she picked it out, I upgraded to the Castle Package. My niece lives in Colorado and I am in NJ, so I could not resist! This was a very special occasion.


The Castle Package also includes hairstyling, shimmering makeup, nail polish, a face gem, princess sash and cinch sack. She also received a special necklace (“gift from Cinderella!”), crown, wand, and, of course, the dress! For these additions, the Castle Package is a bit shocking at $199.95… but the wand lights up!

The boutique was more quiet than I imagined! It was a very intimate setting with only 4 salon chairs. The “Fairy Godmothers” performing the makeovers were lovely and knew just what to say throughout the process. I love that the participant faces away from the mirror during the whole makeover. After a sprinkle of pixie dust, the chair spins around for the big reveal. Have your camera ready, that face is priceless!   

My niece had the sweetest reaction to her new look! After saying thank you and farewell to her stylist, we had a special princess photo shoot around deck 10. I will remember this special day with my Goddaughter always!   

The fun doesn’t end there! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is NOT JUST FOR GIRLS! Also traveling with us were my two nephews, both age 4. My sister was able to reserve the Royal Knight Package for these two heroic brothers soon after our princess appointment!   

The boys were also able to choose from two hairstyles, a Captain America side-part style or a spiky ‘do, with colorful Mickey confetti sprinkled over. They also received a virtuous shield and sword, which only they were able to pull out! At only $19.99, this fun experience is a great value!  


Crew members could not pull the sword from the shield…


…But this brave knight could!

The Fairy Godmothers worked their magic once more, knowing exactly what to say to engage my nephews in the story! The older brother was feeling a little hesitant to participate at first, but his “Godmother” gave him a brave and gallant heart! He did not regret it for a moment after.   


As we said farewell after this visit, we were urged to slay all of the dragons on the ship. Of course, the dragons were Grandpa and Uncle John.    

During Pirate Night on select cruises, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique becomes the Pirate’s League! Our little adventurers returned for a yo ho ho style before plundering the Oceaneer’s Club. 


Poor Clifford from the Promenade Lounge was locked in the brig.

Overall, we had a magical experience at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at sea! I am thrilled that this enchanting enhancement is now available on the Disney Wonder and definitely recommend visiting the “Fairy Godmothers” on your cruise!


(Additional package options are available that are not mentioned in this post! Contact your Hi Ho Vacations Planner for more details!)

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