Top Ten… Reasons to sail on the Disney Wonder!


I had the privilege of sailing on the Disney Wonder with my family last spring with stops in Grand Cayman and Castaway Cay! The Wonder is a WONDERful ship. Here are my top ten reasons to choose the Wonder for your next cruise!

10. It’s easy to get oriented!

The Wonder is one of the smaller ships in the Disney Cruise fleet. While the larger ships (The Dream and The Fantasy) are appealing for their own magical reasons, it doesn’t take much time to get your bearings on The Wonder. Once aboard, I recommend walking a lap around the deck. You will learn your way around in no time, and will be able to start vacationing! You waste little time getting from place to place and spend more time on the many activities you can choose from!

9. You will add members to your family!

Likely the best feature of the Disney Cruise Line is the impeccable Disney service provided by elite cast members. They constantly go above and beyond expectations to make your vacation perfect. You will have the same servers for dinner every night, rotating with you to each restaurant. Our team, Aaron and Elizabeth (shout out!), became honorary members of our family. We miss them terribly and talk about them often. They quickly learned our likes and dislikes, and always had our favorite beverages waiting for us when we arrived for our meals. They knew our names and tastes, and had remembered our preferences to give recommendations. When my 2-year old nephew dozed off at the table one night, they bundled him up in a blanket they magically had on hand and made a cot by pushing two chairs together. This is just a sample of the WONDER these servers provided. You constantly feel like the most important guest aboard!

8. The activities are endless!

Every night, your daily “Navigator” will appear in your stateroom with all of the activities you can choose from for the next day. Every detail of the plans for each day is clearly marked, so you never have to worry about missing out on anything. There is literally something fun and exciting for everyone to do! From classes in animation and cooking to poolside musical acts; beer and wine tastings to newly released movies in a beautiful theatre; trivia contests to pool parties… the options are endless!

7. Get ready to party!

There seemed to always be a party going on aboard, kicking off with the Adventures Away Deck Party as the ship left port. You can party any way you would like. We went to an 80’s party one evening with cast members dressed in their finest 80’s outfits, complete with an 80’s song charades game. I will never forget my Dad and cast member Ramon acting out “Born in the USA” to the hysterical crowd.

6. Broadway on Board!

I’ve been to many a Broadway show, lucky enough to live near NYC. In my very humble opinion, the shows aboard The Wonder were of the same quality, if not better! The talent of the casts was undeniable. The sets were huge and stunning. The stories were unique and captivating for any Disney lover. My nephews of age 2 and 3 were completely involved, especially at seeing Buzz Lightyear fly in “Toy Story: The Musical.”

5. Announcements!

Those who have cruised with Disney know how magical that sound is… the notes to “When You Wish Upon a Star” playing through the ship’s horn to alert cruisers of announcements. We loved hearing the familiar voices of Activity Director Clayton and Skipper Steve with the “activity of the day” everyday. The horn is a sound that will stick with you forever, bringing back all the WONDERful memories.

4. Rotational Dining!

There are three restaurants in the rotation on The Wonder, plus Palo for a special, adults only dining experience. When you return to a restaurant in the rotation for a second night, the menu is unique. You are familiar with the atmosphere, but you get a completely new experience!

3. All-inclusive benefits!

While alcoholic beverages and certain activities are extra, most everything else on The Disney Cruise is included in your booking rate! If you cannot decide between two menu options at one of the amazing restaurants, your server will just bring you both plates! Why not?

2. Fun for all ages!

From kid’s clubs to adults only decks, and everything in between, there is a place for everyone on The Wonder. There are bustling pool areas with children playing and quiet shady decks for naps at sea. Teens have a blast in their own private clubs aboard the ship and on Castaway Cay, or running about with awesome counselors leading them through scavenger hunts and other activities. Young children enjoyed the Goofy Pool with a slide that resembled Mickey’s glove, or cooling off n the splash area. You can find a place for any age and personality on board!

Memories that will last a lifetime!

Many of the features on this post are found on all Disney Cruise ships. What makes The Wonder stand out to me? It’s difficult to put into words. The romanticism is unparalleled. While other cruise lines boast modern features and robot bartenders, guests feel transported back in time aboard The Wonder. It’s design harkens back to a time of elegance in transit across the sea, and you can’t help but feel luxurious in the splendor. There is a charm to The Wonder that you need to see to believe!

Contact me for assistance making your own memories!


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