Five Father Friendly Finds in Walt Disney World

darth vader

This post is inspired by a particular memory in the Magic Kingdom. My darling niece Ophelia required a meet and greet with Cinderella and Rapunzel (or “Cinderelly” and “Punzel”) at Princess Fairytale Hall one morning. While my sister-in-law and I, the Disney-loving Aunt, waited approximately 2.5 hours for this magical moment, my poor brother opted to wait outside. When we reunited, he looked distressed. He feared he would never see us again, and he wasn’t the only one. He described the scene outside Princess Fairytale Hall’s exit as the “Lost Father’s Club,” a gaggle of Dads craning their necks and checking their watches. Each took turns asking each other, “Is there a bar in the Magic Kingdom?” and, “Why isn’t there a bar in the Magic Kingdom?” None of them knew what to do with themselves!

So, this post is dedicated to the best places for meetings of the Lost Father’s Club. Cheers to our Dads!

1. ESPN Club

A hundred video monitors, global satellite broadcasts, and chicken wings! Enough sports memorabilia on the walls to inspire a night’s worth of “Dad Stories!” Located among the excitement of Disney’s Boardwalk! Sports-lovers Paradise.

2. Hall of Presidents

History buff Dads will love this tribute to our nation’s leaders in the Magic Kingdom! Plus, it’s air  conditioned! I’ve also known a few Dads who find this to be the perfect spot to take a snooze.

3. Star Wars Launch Bay

Luke… I am your Father! What Dad can resist sharing his love of Star Wars with the next generation? The Force is strong in Hollywood Studios!

4. Test Track

With so much to discover, Epcot is a great park for Dads. Test Track has a particular appeal to auto fans, especially designing your own test vehicle. After the attraction, you may take a photo with a Chevrolet dream car in the Showroom! Dad pose alert!

5. Flights of Beer at Big River Grille and Brewing Works

The only working brewpub in Walt Disney World! Big River is my Dad’s favorite “attraction,” especially when you get to watch the brewmaster in action! Located along Disney’s Boardwalk, this microbrewery serves up flights of their very own ales and lagers. Dad highly recommends the Rocket Red Ale!

For more details on any of these experiences and more, contact Colleen from Hi Ho Vacations! Plan your next Disney getaway the Hakuna Matata way, and contact me today!


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