Events to be Aware of when Planning your Disney Vacation


Group trips to Walt Disney World are a blast…For the group!

When you depart with your family for a Disney Vacation, it helps to know what kind of crowds to expect. Disney plays host to many special events throughout the year. Depending on when you decide to visit, you may hear cheerleaders practicing outside your balcony, encounter large congregations of students from South America, or meet only guests from New Jersey. Here is a list of dates for 2016 to be aware of when planning your perfect getaway:

(These dates will not be exactly the same for 2017, however you may get an idea of what time of the year certain events occur)

Cheer and Dance Competitions:

January 15-17: College Cheerleading & Dance Team National Championships

January 30-31: National Dance Team Championship

February 6-7: National High School Cheerleading Championship

February 12-15: Twirlmania

March 4-6: Contest of Champions Nationals

March 12-13: International All Star Cheerleading Championship

April 23-25: All Star Cheerleading & Dance Worlds

January & July: South American Tour Groups

Large groups of students from Brazil and Argentina on school breaks that congregate in clusters of approximately 100 chanting, singing, and cheering revelers.

January 6-10: Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

February 18-21: Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

November 6-7: Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

The Food & Wine Festival in Epcot draws a large crowd, especially on the weekends. Fitness buffs join the party this weekend in November!

November 10-13: “Jersey Week”

New Jersey schools are closed for a teachers’ convention during the first or second week of November each year, and MANY families from NJ take this opportunity to visit WDW.

December 5-9: Pop Warner Week (64 football teams and 400 cheer squads compete!)

Since the teams are busy competing during the day, expect a surge in the park crowds only in the evenings. These teams typically stay at the Value resorts and some of the Moderate resorts, and can be quite noisy!


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